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What are Value Added Benefits?

Value Added Benefits are those benefits that an iPhone customer enjoys when he/she purchases an iPhone from an Apple Authorised Reseller in Nigeria. They are the extra benefits and/or servicesadded to the iPhone purchase that ONLY iPhone customers who #GetItLegit enjoy. And this comes at no extra cost to the customer.

Is the iPhone advertised now worth N150,000 ?

That is not the case.The cost of the iPhone is distinctly seperate from the Value Added Benefits. What we mean is that as an iNigerian, you are now entitled to N150,000 worth of Value Added Benefits when you #GetItLegit from Apple Authorised Resellers in Nigeria.

24-months Warranty

All iPhones come with an Apple global warranty of 1 year. When you #GetItLegit , as an iNigerian you are “entitled” to another 1 yearextended local Nigeria warranty.

Free Pickup and Drop service.

Should there be any service related issue with your iPhone purchased from an Apple Authorised Reseller in Nigeria, “iNigerians are not to worry”. You only need to contact your store of purchase with all the relevant information and the team from the Apple Authorised Service Centre in Nigeria will come to pick up your device right at your doorstep! When all service related issues are resolved , yourfully functional device will be returned to you at the same location of pick up.

I would like to know more about the Value Added Benefits worth N150,000

The Value Added Benefits include
-Screen or liquid damage protection
– 24 Months Warranty
– Free Pickup and drop service for any service related issue across Nigeria.

Screen or liquid damage protection.

As an iNigerian , should you accidentally damage the screen of your iPhone or accidentally have liquid or water damage your gorgeous device, you enjoy the full complement of having your device fixed or replaced free of cost to you! There is also a loaner device provided to the customer during the time of evaluation and fixing or replacement. This way, the customer is not totally out of touch with family, friends or business. It is important to note that you are entitled to this facility only once within the first year of purchase.

What is a loaner device?

A loaner device is a temporary “replacement” device provided to the customer during the period of device servicing. This loaner device is of slightly lower value to the iPhone being serviced and it is expected to be returned in same condition as received when the serviced device is retuned to the customer.

How much is an iPhone

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